Cinema 4d Basic Tutorial

26 February 2013Under Tutorial

Hi guys!

This is my first tutorial about the 3d software Cinema 4d. It’s really for beginners, like for people that is the first time they lunch the software and don’t know anything about it. I really wanted to start from the beginning for new costumers, so they can follow my on future tutorials too. If you are into motion graphics or 3d stuff you better skip this one…Yeah, you better…But you might also take a look…

I know, even for new and well motivated costumers, it’s always a bit boring when you don’t experience by making cool design stuff, and you only navigate between what the software tools are made for, but the first steps are really important, and there is always something you might forget or you might didn’t know before, like some keyboard shortcuts that make you faster on the software. So why not have a look too.



Here below a list of what this basic Cinema 4d tutorial is all about:

- Cinema 4d Interface

- The basics of the top menu

- The prospective view and other viewers

- The viewer’s menu option

- The point, line, and polygons selection tool

- Move, Scale and Rotation tool

- The Object and Attribute Panel

- The Primitive Objects

- The Editable Objects and the deformer tool.

That’s all. Thank you for watching and sorry for my italian accent, hope you can understand everything. If you have some problems just mail me or comment here below, I’m glad to help you for everything.

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