Transparent Machines

A video by Beeple

25 November 2013

Beeple has come out with a new wonderful concept video about the contradiction of posting personal informations on the net and needing privacy at the same time.


 “Our society is obsessed with the conflicting concepts of transparency and privacy. We are outraged by the actions of the NSA, yet continue to willfully upload more and more of our personal information to Facebook and Google. This film explores the contradictory nature of our actions and beliefs regarding transparency.”


Beeple is one of my favorite cinema 4d artist, I have been following him since his Subprime and Kill Your Co-Workers videos in 2009.

In the last years Beeple made a lot of stunning Cinema 4d stills. Once a day to be precise! You can watch them on his everyday project. They are amazing! He also has a lot of downloadable Vj Clips, in fact every work is downloadable on his site, and under Creative Commons, even the last Transparent Machines video.

You can download his projects and use them to learn something new in cinema 4d, they are always a good resource. I have learned a lot from his projects, just by opening them and looking at all the set ups. Or you can use them as a good start to build something new!

Recently Beeple has published a RMX Loop video from the original Transparent Machines where the entire construction of the 3d machine runs without cuts.

Some of the video parts were rendered at 4k resolutions to make pan camera movements more accurate and perfectly synced to the music in After Effect (anyone who saw other Beeple works knows how music sync is an important driver of his animations). When I asked him how long the render time was, he answered me:


“Maybe a little over a week. Not really terrible”

In facts the scene has a really simple set up, no Lights, no Ambient Occlusion, no Global Illumination, no Sky or environment, just a transparent material set up with V-Ray. Clean and invisible such as the concept!

If you decide to open his projects and start building something new shout Beeple a holla, he will love to see your work.

You can read more about the Transparent Machine project directly on Maxon site.

Other amazing videos from Beeple:

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