The Best Projection Mapping Ever

Box - Behind the scene

8 November 2013

Amazing projection-mapping from Bot & Dolly.

“Box” is a projection mapping live performance captured entirely in camera, no post production was made after the video recording. The video explores the space through projection-mapping onto moving flat surface remote by a precision  large scale robots, combined with some software engineering.


Bot & Dolly have recently released  a nice behind the scene video for the “Box”

What is really stunning about this performance is what I call the “first ever rule”, and the fact that it works perfectly in this video. Once you have builded everything, the best way to bring it to existence is to keep your animation simple, no matter how complex your scene is. Even if your animation are complex and incredible hard working they have to look simple and easy, this feeling is the best way to let the audience read into your work.  Almost every 3d animation inside the Box projection is easy to make in the mograph module in cinema 4d, but what makes the difference is that the animations interact in the projection movement in the best possible way. The result is this amazing camera-projection.




I thought it was nice to share it, it might be an inspire by video for someone, for me sure it is.

If you want to know more about the project creator, you can visit their site here. Bot & Dolly develop robotic motion controllers for different videos and movies, some of there features where used for Gravity. Here below you can watch their Reel.



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