Site Rebrand 2013

Winter is coming...

31 October 2013


A new year is coming and it is time to face it with a brand new site restyling. Nothing really eccentric, you can find other similar sites on the web, but I wanted to face the new year in the best way with a familiar and useful taste.

The goal is to make something easy for you to use, another place where you can find everything you need the easiest way.

There’s a new tutorial page where you can easily check and search everything with grids and filters, posts are quick to use, works, contacts and socials are easy to find, and every menu does his job quite well. The site is completely responsive and you can check it with any browser or device you wish, it will open in the best way!

Big up for MUVOBIT that helped me to make it real with a strong and slim code, great job guys!

Hope you’ll find it easy to use and that you’ll like the clearness of the design.

…And if you really do, share it on fb or tweet your friends with the share button here below! ahahahahah!



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