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20 November 2013Under Tutorial

Ready for a cocktail?

In this tutorial I will create some ice blocks and let them fall out into a Martini glass. There will be some modeling with the noise layer on the displacement channel, some Mograph Cloner, and finally dynamics into a convex glass. Hope you find it useful, and that you can follow my english.


You can download the Cinema 4d Project and the Martini glass here above. I’ve inserted the Royal glass and even the Negroni glass, both of them are Png with alpha transparency so you can try with both of them and recreate the second example with bigger blocks of glass if you want. Try different ways and have fun!

If you deserve more Ice Blocks without spending extra time on modelling them you can purchase Daniel Couto’s Ice Machine on C4d Phototools!

The tutorial was inspired by a work for Martini that I did for D-wok.

Some picture here:

MARTINI_Royale_1 MARTINI_Royale_3 MARTINI_Royale_02 MARTINI_Negroni_1 MARTINI_Negroni_2 MARTINI_Negroni_4


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  1. Gokhan 3140 days ago

    Absolutely great tutorial,thanks for share.
    Last days I want to create a project about Bottle and Turkish Raki.
    but I can’t create a material about Turkish Raki…do you have an idea how to create Turkish Raki material ?

    if possible can you help me please,if you interested please give me a personal email,I will send to you some files about my project.

    Thank you.

    • marcoholland 3140 days ago

      Thank you Gokhan.
      I don’t know the Turkish Raki. Is it good? I’ve to try it!
      I saw some picture on the web and for what I’ve seen you can start downloading a milk material, I think you can find one on the web. After that use the material as a base to recreate the Turkish Raki. Play with the Frasnel on the color channel and don’t make it pure white, I think that will help.

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