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1 December 2014

As we know Vimeo is the best place where we can find videos without commercials breaks and with a full range of 3d, vfx, and motion works from other artists. In fact is one of the best place where we can find works to inspire our new creations!

In the last years on Vimeo I’ve collected a lot of videos that I liked, but I needed more… I needed a place where I could find all the best video I’ve watched over the years the easiest and fast way without getting lost.

What I needed was a Vimeo Channel that collect them all for me!

So I decided to open the Design Is Everything channel to collect all the best motion and 3d videos that we can find on Vimeo.


Why Design?

Because Design is everything!

I decided to pick one eye on the design as criteria because design IS absolutely everything!

If your design doesn’t look good you can be the best animator in town, but the result will be cheap, only if your design is sexy everything will work great, even if your animations are simple!

And in term of inspiration Design is absolutely everything.

Why Subscribe?

Because so you can have the easiest way an instantly look at the best 3d and motion videos on the web that can inspire your future works!

All you have to do is to subscribe to Design is Everything here and you can take a look at all the videos collected in the channel.

Design is Everything will be constantly update as new video will drop out on the net.

Here below there are few examples of videos inside the Design is Everything channel.


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