Cinema 4d to AE Compositing Workflow

12 June 2013Under Tutorial

Tutorial about the compositing workflow from Cinema 4d to After effect inspired from my work for the Banca Reale application.

Final Render


While we are waiting the Cineware tool that integrate every C4d project directly in after effect here is the workflow to export a C4d project and import it in After Effect.



You can download the Iphone 3d model and the c4d project that I’ve made for free and use it for your personal and commercial works, it’s completely right free.

In the tutorial I will cover:

- Free Iphone 5 3d model to download with texture and materials

- Infinite white background and floor with reflections in c4d

- Object buffer multipass render and compositing

- External compositing tag to simple replace iPhone display in AE

- Save project file in C4d to import it in AE

- Anchor text that follow the 3d animation in AE

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