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14 December 2013Under Works

As I saw the amazing Beeple everyday project I thought it may be interesting starting something similar. Of course I’m not as good as Beeple, but I think it will be interesting to continue play almost everyday in cinema 4d trying to make something different  based on a concept. It’s a good way to experiment with tools and learn something new everyday, test yourself and focus your attention on developing a concept with a deadline of few hours, and least but not last it will stimulate your own creativity so much.

I choose one of the news of the day each day, as a main concept, and try to make something pretty in few hours after work.

I have make them for 5 months now, from 15 december until the 16 April, than a lot of hard client’s work made me stop the project. But for sure I will  keep the project up again when I will have at least 30 minutes to spend each day, and as Beeple sad:


Hope you enjoy my collection, probably they are not the best, but the goal here is to experiment and give the best I can in a couple of hours. Enjoy.

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