About Marco Holland.com

Hi, this is not just a portfolio site where I show my work, but a place where we can discuss and find solutions to problems about computer motion graphics and 3d! The real goal is to to help each other in our jobs while create an activing community where we can share ideas, creatively solve problems, and learn more about computer graphics, motion graphics, and 3d! Enjoy it!

More About Marco Holland

Hi! My name’s Marco. I grew up in Turinin Northern Italy. Eldest son of a Sicilian father and a Dutch mother, my friends came up with Holland as a nickname for me. I work as a freelance motion grapher from 8 years now, and I teach visual effects and compositing at the ITS Tecnologia per la Comunicazione school. Anyhow, this is where I should be talking about my degree in cinema, and the college where I spent the best years of my life… but actually, I’d rather talk about what I think were my two “best schools”.

The first one was simply being a child and off school. Every summer and winter holidays I visited by my grandparents in Holland. There, I spent a lot of time watching movies in movie theatres, because I could go all day long and for free! That was because my Dutch grandfather, Fritz Weijschede, was a movie theatre manager of some theatres in LeeuwardenThis was my best school ever! So it is to him I dedicate my work.


My second school were video games. My passion for video games started in the 80′s! All the time I spent with my old Commodore Amiga watching every pixel on the screen! But, you know, school is not everything. Most of it is up to you. I still remember that my favorite child game was putting toy cars in long lines all the way across the floor and move them one after one keeping the line. So I think that’s it, patience and orderly attitude and all the rest will blossom in your motion grapher profession!

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